About Kerry Ellis

Counsellor – Clinical Hypnotherapist – Life Coach

My name is Kerry Ellis.

I’m a Sydney counsellor specialising in grief and matters relating to self-esteem. I am also a certified life coach.

More recently I have introduced clinical hypnotherapy into my practice seeing clients for weight loss, quitting smoking and other presentations.

I have a private practice in Quakers Hill in Sydney’s north west and also offer home visits for selected clients.

Kerry Ellis - Sydney counsellor and life coach


Grief Counselling

Grief counselling

Sadly, every person will experience loss of some kind; loss of a job, pet, partner, child or something else that was important to them. Having suffered different kinds of loss myself, I know how important it is to know someone is listening and providing support without judgement.

Self-Esteem Counselling

Our self-esteem is affected by many factors in life. If it isn’t healthy, it can have a detrimental effect on how we live our lives. Healthy self-esteem provides greater opportunities for us in life and the impact of knowing we are not defined by others’ thoughts and opinions of us is very powerful.

Life Coach

How often have you said to yourself; “I don’t like my job” or “I don’t like where I live” or “I don’t have a purpose in my life, but don’t know what to do about it or where to go?” Life coaching uses the strengths of an individual to help gain clarity and set achievable goals.

People are diverse, but one thing they all have in common is wanting to better a version of themselves!


Having spent many years working in the finance industry in a corporate role, I found myself seeking regular massages to care for my mind, body, and spirit. This then led to me studying a Diploma of Remedial Massage, Diploma of Corporate Stress Therapies, and various other qualifications in child and adolescent massage.

During this 15-year journey, it became obvious that I was bound to undertake an additional life journey into a Bachelor Degree in Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

Working initially in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, I decided to spread my wings in a more generalist area and started with the community aid centre, ADRA, in Blacktown. There I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many clients suffering various different conditions from depression to addiction, schizophrenia, anxiety and trauma, just to name a few. From here, I found my specialist counselling interests of specialisation. I continue to work with ADRA today, whilst also working in my private practice in Quakers Hill.

My massage therapy practice involved a lot of home visits for regular clients. Seeing how beneficial this was, I decided to offer home visits also for selected counselling clients.


Looking back at my career and occupations, I have always had a passion for working with people and helping them to feel better about themselves and their lives in a safe, supportive environment.

I continually undertake professional education and am an active participant in local interagency meetings interested in local issues pertaining to mental health.

My additional studies thus far have been in the areas of sand tray therapy, trauma, cognitive behaviour therapy for generalised anxiety, and grief and loss practice, with this year seeing me undertake a Diploma in Hypnotherapy Practice.

My Experience

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  • Bachelor of Counselling
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Diploma of Corporate Stress Therapies
  • Diploma of Sports Injury Therapy
  • Infant Massage Instructor

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Counsellors Association
  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • Massage Australia

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