Loss – the many different faces

Recently┬áI attended my child’s last primary school assembly and celebration as she is off to high school next year.

Myself and other parents were shedding a tear or 100. Why? Why were we so sad at such a joyful event that should be cheered, because as parents it means we are doing our job well?

We have all suffered a loss, and to each of us it is something different: we have lost our comfort zone of having one teacher whom is responsible for our child. To a point we have lost the ability to stay close and keep a close eye where we know they are safe. We have lost our infant child and most importantly we have lost our role as we saw it and now must adapt to change.

High school comes with a whole new world of change. We have different teachers, we have unsafe exposures such as drugs and smoking and the general issues that go with growing into teen and young adult years. We have, to a point, lost our grasp and have to rely on different strategies now to keep our kids safe.

We have lost our job of caring for an infant or very young child and that is hard.

Who are we if we are not the parent of a child who bounds in the door every day wanting afternoon tea and playing silly games that go with such innocence?

What are we supposed to do now? I have lost my small child to an amazing growing young adult and I am sad!

What we know about any loss is that we adapt our lives to the changed situation because that’s what we need to do to continue on.

Our identities as people are always changing and the key to getting through the change is to manage what we lost and embrace what the change is going to bring.

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