•  Looking to improve your health and wellbeing?


  • Want to quit smoking or some other annoying habit?


  • Need help with weight loss or weight management?

You Can Make Positive Change To Your Health And Well Being That Is Just Right For You


As a counsellor, I could see the advantages of introducing another therapy modality into my practice that could help people advance towards goals quicker than traditional counselling could. Many clients prefer to use a combination of both. I offer clinical hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help with common challenges such as weight loss, quitting smoking, depression, low self-esteem and motivation, phobias, stress, anxiety and so much more.



Clinical hypnotherapy is a very safe relaxing form of therapy. It is a way we can bypass the judgmental conscious mind to address the unconscious mind to create a pathway to achieve your goals using existing strengths and knowledge within you. Clinical hypnosis CANNOT make you do anything you do not want to do or are uncomfortable doing.



Achieve your goals much quicker than you thought possible.

Feel comfortable and safe with the goals you set.

Take away strategies and tools that sustain and maintain your goals.

Be the best you can be.

My clients – people are diverse,
but one thing they all have in common is wanting to better a version of themselves!

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